August 2021


Tooth Extractions / Removing one or more sick teeth Sometimes a tooth, or the structures supporting the tooth are sick enough to warrant removal of the tooth. This is called a tooth extraction. If we’re taking out a tooth for you, there are a few things we want you to know: We want you to […]

Dental implants can restore a missing tooth with a very natural and lifelike appearance without having to reshape the adjacent teeth. And it works extremely well! Implants work about 95% percent of the time for non-smokers. Implants make use of a artificial tooth root made from a specialized titanium screw. Our bodies treat the titanium […]

Not everybody needs their wisdom teeth removed. The decision to remove a wisdom tooth or keep it depends on a lot of factors. Essentially, if the tooth is causing a problem or will likely cause a problem to itself or other teeth or jaw in the figure, then it should be removed. Wisdom tooth extractions […]

Root canals allow us to save a tooth when the nerve (pulp) of the tooth has been compromised. Fortunately, the technology for performing root canals has come a long way in the past 20 years. Rotary instruments allow us to clean and shape the inside of the tooth much more quickly and with less pain after […]

Crowns allow us to restore a tooth that is badly damaged from decay, cracks, or fracture. Every crown is custom fabricated by a skilled technician to fit over your tooth. Most crowns that we make are porcelain due to the material’s life-like appearance. Many of our patients cannot tell the difference between a porcelain crown […]

Amalgam or silver fillings are a cost-effective way to treat decay in back teeth. In patients with less than stellar hygiene, amalgam fillings will serve a much longer period than composite fillings. What’s normal after getting a silver filling? Generally, silver fillings will have mild to moderate sensitivity to hot and cold for a period […]