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Cosmetic DentistryComposite (White) fillings
Composite fillings are natural, tooth-colored fillings that give you a bright, natural smile.

Composite (White) fillings

Composite (white) fillings”

Resin Composite fillings provide a long-lasting restoration for teeth damaged by decay when less than half of the tooth structure is damaged by decay. These are carefully bonded into place, then smoothed and polished. Composite fillings can match a wide variety of tooth shades and are usually difficult to spot with the naked eye.

What’s normal after getting a while filling?

Most white fillings should be comfortable almost immediately, although some patients with very deep cavities may have mild sensitivity to hot and/or cold for some time as the tooth adjusts. Your bite should feel normal, not high; and the filling should feel smooth to your tongue. Occasionally, a filling will have a rough spot that can be polished in just a few minutes and usually without any anesthesia.

How long does a white filling last?”

Depending on your diet and level of personal hygiene, fillings should last between a lifetime and two years.

Why does my insurance only pay the cost of cheaper silver fillings in back teeth?

The real reason: cost savings to the insurance company and your employer.

In the past, posterior (back teeth) white fillings did not last as long as silver fillings. Newer bonding materials and techniques allow conservative white fillings to serve for a very long time if properly maintained.

My dentist recommended a crown, but I want him to do a filling instead

When there is sufficient tooth structure to provide enough strength, a filling is an excellent option.

However, when there is not enough viable tooth structure to retain the filling, it is likely to break sooner than you or I would be okay with. In these cases, a crown will serve much longer and is more economical in the long run.