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Maryland bridge before bonding to the adjacent teeth

Maryland Bridge

A Maryland Bridge can replace a missing front tooth.

Maryland bridges can replace a missing front tooth while making only small alterations to the adjacent teeth.

In younger patients whose facial bone has not fully developed, a Maryland bridge can be a good alternative to an implant to replace a missing tooth.

What’s normal after getting a Maryland Bridge?

Your new bridge should be beautiful, life-like, and comfortable.  Although it does usually take a few days for it to feel like it’s really a normal part of you

“How long does a white filling last?” 

Depending on your diet, level of personal hygiene, and the way your teeth fit together, a Maryland bridge should last between 5-10 years.

How do I clean beneath my Maryland bridge?” 

Your home care and maintenance will determine how long your bridge lasts and how beautiful it remains. You’ll want to brush it like any other tooth, then use a floss threader or Superfloss to clean beneath the false tooth.