Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Seneca, SC - Josh Murphy, DMD

Sealants can be used to protect teeth, especially children's teeth, from bacteria and decay.


Dental sealants are plastic-like resin coatings that fill and protect deep grooves of teeth that are otherwise difficult to keep clean. 80-90 percent of cavities in children start in the deep anatomy of their teeth. Sealants protect permanent teeth during the years when a child’s dental hygiene might not be the best.

Do you seal baby teeth?”

Not usually, although there are a few times that it’s a good idea.

Dental sealants can be damaged by very hard substances like ice. Sealants can last and continue protecting teeth into adulthood

Does my insurance pay for sealants?”

Every plan is different, and Brandi can help answer that question specifically for you.

Why wouldn’t we wait and see what happens?

Sometimes it’s temping to wait and see. Sometimes that is the best choice; however, prevention of disease is almost always cheaper in the long-term.  We make recommendations on what we feel is in your child’s best interest.