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General DentistryTeeth Cleanings (Dental Prophylaxis)

Teeth Cleanings (Dental Prophylaxis)

Teeth Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Routine cleanings help maintain optimal appearance and health for gums and teeth. Most people benefit from two cleanings per year with one of our hygienists

When is a cleaning not enough?

Regular prophylaxis or tooth cleaning is a way to treat gingivitis and maintain healthy gums.

When your gums and supporting tissues are unhealthy, such as with active periodontal disease, a regular cleaning will not be thorough enough. A deeper cleaning is sometimes required. We can discuss the appropriate level of care for you and make an appropriate plan together.

I don’t want fluoride on my teeth

While we support the use of fluoride as the single most effective way to prevent tooth decay, and while we believe that the use of fluoride is safe, effective, and backed by a mountain of research…  we also support your ability to make decisions for yourself.  So.. OK. Just let us know.

It’s been a long time since my cleaning. What should I do?”

When you schedule your appointment, let us know that it’s been a while since your last cleaning.  We can schedule some extra time just in case.

don’t like it when the hygienist does ________.”

Let us know at the beginning of your appointment. We try to be flexible.

I’m embarrassed about the way my teeth look. What will you guys think of me?”

For some reason, we hear this a lot.  And here’s what we want you to know:

You aren’t just a ball of teeth. You’re a person, and we’re happy to have you as our patient and guest. Getting to know new people is part of what makes our job fun.

At the same time, our teeth are a part of us. Sick teeth can have a big effect on our health, job prospects, love interests, and self esteem.  Lots of people develop tooth problems, and you aren’t the only one. You won’t be the last either.

We’re not interested in “teeth shaming.” We are interested in helping you meet your goals for maintaining or regaining a beautiful smile.