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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Not everybody needs their wisdom teeth removed. The decision to remove a wisdom tooth or keep it depends on a lot of factors. Essentially, if the tooth is causing a problem or will likely cause a problem to itself or other teeth or jaw in the figure, then it should be removed.

Wisdom tooth extractions vary in difficulty from some of the simplest to some of the easiest teeth to take out.  We take x-rays to help access whether you would benefit from their removal and what surgical options you have.

Do you remove wisdom teeth.


Do you perform IV sedation?


No. Patients who would benefit from moderate sedation will be given a referral to the appropriate office and oral surgeon.

My wisdom teeth never came in. Is that normal?


That happens pretty often. Some people have the teeth but they don’t erupt. Usually there is no problem with this. We’ll want to keep an eye on them with an xray every few years to make sure they’re minding their manners.


Why is the tooth fairy so smart?

She has a lot of wisdom teeth.