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Cast Metal Partials

Cast metal partials are the tried-and-true way to make a partial. Removable partial dentures can replace one or multiple teeth for the same cost. The cast metal framework is made of a strong base metal with Chrome-Cobalt alloys such as Vitallium that resist tarnishing over time and provides a rigid framework to attach realistic appearing teeth. Pink acrylic and white teeth are added to the framework to give the appearance of life-like teeth gums wherever necessary.
Most cast partials use specially designed clasps to hold the partial in place. These somewhat flexible clasps are made of wrought wire or cast Vitallium. We try to design the partial to minimize the show of any metal clasp, but it’s possible that some metal will be visible when you smile very big.

Although the technology for cast metal partials has been around for a long time, it’s possible to make a very aesthetic partial that appears lifelike and works very well for chewing.

How long does a partial last?”

Like just about everything else in dentistry, the longevity of a partial depends on the way that you take care of it and your remaining teeth that serve as the foundation to support the partial. If taken care of well, 5-15 years is reasonable.

My partial doesn’t fit as well as it once did. What happened?”

Well, it depends. Sometimes your boney ridge where the missing teeth are will change shape over time. Other times, the partial itself can become bent or altered. It could be that the clasps have been bent out of shape. Still other times, the teeth that hold the partial in develop can cavities and chips. Sometimes we can fix these problems for you. Sometimes you need a new partial get the results you’re looking for.

What is the number one way partials fail?

The most common problem patients have with a partial is that they fail to correct the original home-care problem that lead to the need for the partial in the first place. It’s imperative that you keep your remaining teeth clean by brushing with fluoride containing toothpaste and flossing several times per day.